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Well Drilling Contractor in Caldwell, TX & Burleson County, TX

For over 65 years and two generations, Loehr Drilling Co., Inc. has provided personalized water well drilling and service to the residents of Caldwell, TX. We specialize in the drilling, service and repair of water wells and submersible water pumps, as well as well certifications. Contact us today to discuss your well service needs and we’ll make sure they’re handled swiftly and completely.

Complete Water Well Drilling Services & More

Need a potable water well drilled on your property? Production problems with a well you’ve relied on for years? Need to know the condition of a well before you buy property in Caldwell, TX? When it comes to wells, few companies have the experience and measured insight that Loehr Drilling Co., Inc. does. Our decades in the industry add up to excellence on every jobsite and a superior caliber of service you can trust.

From water well drilling services to inspections, to jetting for low-production wells and repair, maintenance and pump services, we bring property owners all-in-one well capabilities wherever and whenever they need them. We’re familiar with all potable water systems and have the equipment to address whatever needs you have for service.

Not only are we licensed drillers and pump installers in Caldwell, TX, we’re also longstanding members of the Texas Groundwater Association and ardent supporters of good environmental practice. Rest assured that we know the important facets of the local water table and aquifer locations, as well as how to safely tap into these groundwater sources and preserve the integrity of your well. Our jetting services even restore the production of surface casing wells that have all but dried up.

Well water and well functionality are critical for numerous property owners throughout Caldwell, TX. Put your well in the hands of professionals who know how to take care of it—from brand-new drilling and plumbing to pump and well maintenance.

  • Our water well drilling contractors have more than 63 years and two generations of experience behind it.
  • We strive to be customer-centric, answering your questions in a timely, professional way.
  • We’re long-time affiliates of the Texas Groundwater Association (TGA).
  • Our drillers maintain a Texas Master Drilling License, to showcase our excellence.
  • We believe in honest affordability and don’t charge more to work on weekends.

We provide well drilling contractors and service to all of Burleson County, TX including:

  • Caldwell, TX
  • Chriesman, TX
  • Deanville, TX
  • Frenstat, TX
  • Cooks Point, TX
  • Snook, TX
  • Somerville, TX
  • Goodwill, TX
  • Gus, TX
  • Harmony, TX
  • Hogg, TX
  • Hix, TX
  • Lyons, TX
  • Merle, TX
  • New Tabor, TX
  • Rita, TX
  • Scofield, TX
  • Tunis, TX
  • Wilcox, TX
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We’re Texas Water Well Experts

We know water wells. From new water well drilling services and plumbing to maintenance for pumps and components, call us to have your complete water well needs fulfilled by the well drilling contractors you can trust.

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