Water Well Services & Maintenance in Caldwell, TX & Burleson County, TX

As much as 60% of the State of Texas relies on water wells. Caldwell, Burleson County, Cooks Point, and Chriesman, TX is home to a rich aquifer and superior-quality groundwater, and it’s an area we know well at Loehr Drilling Co., Inc. We’re proud to have provided water well services to property owners throughout the area since 1955, including drilling, inspections, maintenance and certifications. If you’ve got the need for water well services, chances are, we can meet them.

  • Water drilling and well boring

    As a seasoned water drilling contractor, we have experience drilling and plumbing wells for farms, homes and other domestic potable water uses. Turn to us for a free water drilling or well boring estimate. We also offer financing and payment plans.

  • Well maintenance

    Froom cracked casings to cap and cover repair, we’re the water well service company Caldwell, TX turns to for maintenance services. We take the time to ensure a potable water system that’s in its best condition.

  • Well pumps and parts

    We furnish our customers with submersibles and all the pump parts, accessories and components required to ensure steady pressure, reliable flow and lasting operation from their potable water well.

  • Well repairs

    Time and shifting earth can take a toll on wells. If it’s been many years since you’ve had your well dug or serviced, it may need repairs. Likewise, if there’s evidence of water contamination in your well, call us to secure and repair it.

  • Well jetting

    If small pieces of limestone or clay settle in your well, they may block production and cause your well to “dry up.” Our well jetting techniques blast through these surface casing obstructions to restore well production without redrilling.

  • Well certifying

    Buying property in Caldwell, TX? If there’s a well on-site, call us to have it certified so you’re not left with problems after the sale goes through. We’re thorough in our inspections and certification.

Your well is an essential fixture on your property

Make sure your water well services are handled by professionals who take great care in their work. With more than 65 years of experience behind us, Loehr Drilling Co., Inc. will make sure your water well gets exactly what it needs to stay safe and reliable. Reach us today at 979-272-8665 for more information on our water drilling, well boring, and general water well services.

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