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March 10, 2021

2022-02-14 | 17:24:13

"They came Mr John did a great job!!!"
February 26, 2021

2022-02-14 | 17:24:25

"I have called Loehr on a few different occasions and every time he has been quick to respond and always handles whatever issues my well may have. Prompt and quality service"
February 25, 2021

2022-03-11 | 17:45:39

"Mr. Lehrer and his son replaced the submergible pump in my well a few years ago. I very much appreciated the fast response, friendly service and advise they gave me. I few days ago, during the snow storm, I believed I had a well problem, but thanks to them I found a busted pipe under the house so I cancelled my appointment right away. Mrs. Loehr will answer the phone and she is very helpful and friendly. It is very comforting knowing they are there in case I need well service. Respectfully, Ed Lohse"
February 23, 2021

Owner Delross Electric

"I moved to the area back in October of 2020 and have found that most companies, regardless of the work they do, just seem to have a hard time showing up when you're told they will , IF they show up at all. Loehr Drilling Co IS NOT one of those companies. I've had them out 3 times for random issues and everytime, they come when they said they would be there. I was quoted a price on a main project to our well and when it was all finished the bill was LESS than I was quoted. That right there says alot! John is a very friendly guy and almost as easy to talk to as his lovely wife is. She really knows her stuff also! Between the two of them I always feel confident that a professional is at work on my stuff, not just a glorified handyman. Make Loehr your first choice in a well compant and you WILL NOT be disappointed!!"
February 23, 2021

Snook Rodeo, LLC | 2021-02-22 16:28:08

"Can’t say enough good things about Loehr Drilling. They have drilled water wells for our family going back 3 generations, so this speaks highly to their experience. Mr. Loehr has come out promptly on many occasions when we have experienced problems (no fault of theirs) and had us up and running again very quickly. If you are searching for a friendly, professional, and reliable company to drill or service a water well, then you can do no better than Loehr Drilling. Highly recommend. "